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Metrocarta (former ABC Micro) based in Aleksinac,Serbia.We have worked on several mobile application development projects across a wide range of mobile platforms. Since 2009, we were focusing on iPhone/iPad apps development using Apple's official SDK.Also, we develop Android apps.

We offer professional custom software development, other mobile platforms: windows mobile, j2me and Android applications and provide best outsourcing services for our abroad clients.

Next, we will introduce about the most important projects implemented since 1995.

PICabc-Visual Assembler for PIC16F8xx (1999)
Windows Assembler for the Beginner

The PICabc-Visual Assembler for PIC16F8xx is MDI Win95/98/NT/2000/Me application for the Beginner. It provides a comfortable method of creation and maintaining programs for PIC16F8xx, suitable for electronic engineers without programming experience in assembler or higher programming languages.

In same time this program is disassembler and interactive PIC tutorial. In fact, PICabc is the implementation of simple assembler language translator program for PIC microcontrollers and it allows translate assembler mnemonics into hexadecimal machine code.

PICabc user program is consisted of sequence statements or instruction. These statements are divided into two main classes. First of all, there are the executable instructions that correspond directly to executable code. When it is necessary to refer to such statements elsewhere, they may be labeled with distinctive label identifier and may include a comment (without semicolon to the end of a line). The second class of statement inludes the directives.

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Arabeska (1996-1999)

C/C++ library and Code Generator - Arabeska enables producing code for microcontrollers: Intel 8051 and PIC16F8xx from standard C/C++ compilers (Borland and Microsoft). Magazin Mikroelektronika has published (on Serbian language) few articles about Arabeska library.


(Logo created by Dragana Milić)


  • Easy to learn
  • Produce readable code
  • Allows development program for embedded systems from powerfull C++ environment.

  • arabeska_example

Esp (2003-present)

Standard and online bus tickets booking for Unilines - bus company from Denmark. Project implemented in collaboration with Emir Pilavic.

Irel 2000 (1996-1997)

Developers Team, during few years, implemented several hardware/software projects. Some of projects, have introduced in magazines Om and Megaom.